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Management Board

Hanna Karwowska - Member of the Board

Hanna Karwowska graduated from the Faculty of Horticulture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. She is one of the most respected experts in highbush blueberry growing in Poland and has worked in commercial blueberry growing for over 40 years. She is a co-owner of "daar" Horticultural Farm, Plantacja nad Tanwiħ and DAR BLUE d o.o., the first Polish-Croatian blueberry plantation.

Dominika Kozarzewska - Member of the Board

Dominika Kozarzewska has been involved in highbush blueberry growing for 25 years, initially at the "daar" plantation owned by her parents, Hanna and Jan Karwowscy, and later at Plantacja nad Tanwiħ. She graduated from the University of Warsaw and the Kozminski University. She is one of the leaders of industry integration and founders of the Polish Berry Cooperative. She is on the Management Board of the Polish Blueberry Promotion Foundation.

Stephen Taylor - Member of the Board

Stephen Taylor is the owner and Managing Director of Winterwood Farms Ltd. In 2006 Winterwood Farms finalized the construction of an €9 million soft fruit sorting and packing facility in Kent, UK. It is the largest and most technologically advanced facility of its kind in the world. The company specializes in the production and distribution of soft fruits, with highbush blueberry as its flagship sales item. Around 50 million unit packages leave the facility annually, which translates into 14,000 tonnes of fruit. Winterwood Farms is the owner or co-owner of 12 plantations in 4 countries (including RSA, Poland, and France). Part of the Plantacja nad Tanwiħ crop is delivered to UK supermarkets via Winterwood Farms.


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Did you know?

Plantacja nad Tanwiħ Limited Liability Company was established in December 2002 to deliver the highest quality of highbush blueberries to its Customers.

We grow carefully selected, dessert varieties of blueberries.

Since 2011 Plantacja nad Tanwiħ Sp. z o.o. has been a member of the "Polskie Jagody" Fruit Producer Group.

In 2006 we received the GLOBALG.A.P certificate confirming the highest quality of fruit and attention to customer satisfaction, and in 2007 we have implemented the Tesco Nurture standard.

According to the 30-minute standard berries are pre-cooled within half an hour from being picked, which ensures their highest quality and durability.

Fruit at Plantacja nad Tanwiħ is picked according to the 7 Rules of Good Harvest.

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